Thursday, 25 June 2009

○ Large Resolutions on Small LCD's

For a long time now i have been looking for a new buy: A TFT Monitor with large resolution.

But the market doesn't seem to be moving torwards that segment i only ask why? Im sure almost everybody enjoy's more space and freedom to work and certainly it's not because of lack of technology, the other day i stumbled upon a Dell Latitude D830, what a great example!!! The LCD is only 15,4" and can show you a 1920x1200 native screen resolution. The amount of workspace you get is amazing for a screen this size, and sharpness is very acceptable.

Theoretically with the same technology i could stuff 2880x1800 on a 23" Monitor, even tough screen response would be sacrificed.

Either way, i think the large LCD manufacturers need to have this more and more into account, it's a fact that not everyone enjoys large screen resolutions but that LCD from the Dell D830 is beautifull and allows to have lower resolutions without significantly lossing detail while still filling the entire screen.

The next big resolution i admire is the 2560x1600. DELL, NEC, SAMSUNG LG HP and APPLE offer this but at 30" only.

So, DELL, NEC, SAMSUNG LG HP and APPLE, it's time to stuff 2560x1600 on a 24" IPS or PVA panel with pivot 90º swivel for programmers and make it below 1000 USD mark.

Until then i will wait with the money on my pocket.