Friday, 15 May 2009

○ How to unlock a Siemens ME45 with the original cable

First of all this is for educational purposes only, this goes only to show that the original Siemens ME45 data cable can be used for unlocking the Siemens ME45. There are of course other methods to unlock, using network codes for instance.

So, this method requires:

.2x 1,5 AA Batterys ( i.e, requires 3V)
.The Siemens Me45 original data cable
.The Siemens Me45
.A special tool named SM45Toolsv12.exe which im not going to post here

Alright, some freaks like to open up the data cable and see all the wires, but you don't need to mess the cable, if you notice closely there are slight small holes for each pin, underneath. I took a picture of how i did the setup:

Figure 1 - Setting up the cable. ( Batteries are missing )

So there are two wires, the black wire is the minus pole and red, positive. You have to connect the black ( minus) wire to the first pin ( left pin when you have the cell phone facing up and the cable connected ), and the red wire to the fourth pin, as seen in the picture.

Once this is done, the steps too unlock the cell phone are:

.Make sure you turn off the cell phone (don't remove the battery)
.Place the batteries on the slot (if you dont have the slot like the one shown in the image you can always connect both batteries in serial mode, and connect both wires at each end )
.Connect the data cable to cell phone and attach it to the computer's rs232 port ( COM1 preferably)
.Double click SM45Toolsv12.exe to open it
.Now go to the "Read Flash" tab, press "Read from flash" and turn on the cell phone, the connection should now be estabilished. This will make a backup of the contents of the eeprom, if the connection did not estabilesh, check the two wires connection with the respective pins. If its still not estabilesh, check your COM1 port configurations and it may be a good idea to revert them back to defaults and try again, but the main problem should be the wires so focus on that.
. When it is done write the flash to a file and save your backup.

.Finally, go to IMEI tab, and press "Unlock", wait a few seconds and cell phone should now be unlocked.

Now what just happened here? Well, im no expert but a very small portion of the flash code was edited by the program to change the way the locking mecanism subrotines are called and ignore whatever card you place in it. Don't ask if this can be doable on other cell phones, as i have only tried on this one.

Hope you find this information usefull and thank you for reading.


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