Saturday, 16 January 2010

○ oPEn Shell Menu and Network drive with Access Denied

If you can't access a network drive trough My comnputer saying "Access Denied" and you see a "oPEn" entry when you right click this network drive,  you may be having difficulty accessing this network path when navigating to "My computer" in Explorer. This behaviour in my experience can be left overs from malware for instance. Specially if you log in with other domain account and there you can access it.

Now if you are familiar with regedit and windows registry you would think that you could just do a search in regedit and query for "oPEn", bad news is regedit.exe is not case sensitive (at least mine is not at this moment)  so i got a tool that allowed case sensitive searches trough the registry and it led me here:

Then, just deleted the ##server##folder and all other sub-keys entry and recreate the nework drive by the traditional means.

Hope this helps. Be carefull tough, only delete when you absolutely know what you are doing.

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