Saturday, 14 November 2009

○ Unknown device ACPI\ITE8707\4&2D46162D&0 on ASUS C90s

Another struggle for a unknown device. Funny thing is when i had XP i did not detect it, neither with vista, but windows 7 did.

Finally discovered that this unknown device corresponds to ITECIR Infrared Receiver

You have to download ite_ir_5.03_vista32-64 driver for it to install, here are 2 screenshots:

And voila

Thanks for reading, i hope this helps.


  1. thanx for info. It helped, but I have problem also with my C90S usb camera driver. Do you have any solution for that, because can't find any suitable driver for win7.. :/

  2. Hi, i have the Genesys 2.0 USB PC Camera drivers installed on windows 7 fine. Device manager says the device is working properly but i get no image signal. Anyway i already had that problem with XP so i suspect there might be a problem with my webcamera. Anyway you might give a try to Genesys PC Camera Device Driver for Mitac* 8222T for Windows* Vista.

    Heres a link:

    If it does not work you will have to wait for asustek to release proper drivers with hardware ID's equivalent to yours. Mine is 05e3 ( USB \ VID_05E3&PID_0503&REV_0103)